South African cricketer Solo Nqweni tests positive for coronavirus
Coronavirus Crisis

South African cricketer Solo Nqweni tests positive for coronavirus

Uncapped South African all-rounder Solo Nqweni has become the third cricketer known to have contracted the coronavirus after revealing the news on Twitter.

The other players to have tested positive for COVID-19 include Scotland's Majid Haq and Pakistani first-class cricketer Zafar Sarfraz.

Nqwene, who represents Eastern Province and the Warriors franchise in the South African domestic set-up, has been mired in several health issues over the past year.

His life took a dramatic turn when he was diagnosed with a rare auto-immune disease, the Guillain-Barre syndrome. The condition, that wreaks havoc on an individual's nervous system, led to him being placed in an induced coma for four weeks and a period of five months in intensive care.

Nqwene was able to pay expenses for his ongoing recovery and the transportation costs with the help of the South Africa national team and a generous anonymous donor.

His last appearance in a competitive game came against Northerns in the three-day Provincial Cup in April 2019.

"So last year I got GBS, and have been battling this disease for the past 10 months and I'm only halfway through my recovery. I got TB, my liver failed and my kidney failed. Now, today, I tested positive for coronavirus. I don't understand why all of this is happening to me," the 26-year-old's tweet read.

Several members of the Proteas cricket fraternity shared supportive messages to help the youngster through in these tough times.

Nqwene has currently quarantined himself at home in South Africa, where the virus has drastically impacted the lives of thousands of people. 

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