Alex Hales goes in self-isolation over coronavirus symptoms, quashes reports of testing positive
Coronavirus pandemic

Alex Hales goes in self-isolation over coronavirus symptoms, quashes reports of testing positive

Alex Hales has gone into self-isolation after developing symptoms that could lead to COVID-19. However, he quashed the reports of testing positive for the virus.

In a Twitter message posted on Tuesday (March 17), Hales replied to a news which claimed that the cricketer had tested positive for the virus.

“Stop spreading fake news, dangerous behaviour,” he replied to the news.

Hales was one of the ten players who opted out of Pakistan Super League last week mainly because of the flights getting cancelled with the coronavirus pandemic.

Shortly after, a statement was released on behalf of Alex Hales from his official Twitter account, which read that he developed a fever on Sunday morning and followed the government’s advice of self-isolation.

“I returned to the UK in the early hours of Saturday morning feeling perfectly fit and healthy with absolutely no symptoms of the virus.

“However, I awoke early on Sunday morning having developed a fever and followed the government’s advice of self-isolation, a process I am obviously still following having developed a dry and persistent cough.

“At this stage it has not been possible to be tested although I am hopeful that might be the case later today so that I can get absolute confirmation of my current health status.”

Today, the knockout games and the final of PSL were officially postponed as the situation of the COVID-19 might get a lot tense in upcoming days.

The Pakistan Cricket Board CEO, Wasim Khan, addressing a press conference today said an overseas player had shown symptoms of COVID-19, though he didn’t disclose the identity.

“This is absolutely the right thing to do after an overseas player, who will be tested in his country shortly, has shown symptoms of COVID-19,” said Wasim.

“The PCB has also facilitated the process of carrying out immediate tests of all those who were involved with the HBL Pakistan Super League.

“The PCB believes it has made the right decisions in the lead up to the postponement of the tournament that included consulting the team owners, holding the matches behind closed doors, allowing the players the option to withdraw from the tournament, rescheduling of the matches and reducing the number of event days.