Match 17, ICC Cricket World Cup 2019, 12 June 2019

(49 ov)
(45.4 ov)

AUS won by 41 runs

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45.4 - K Richardson to S Afridi

GONE! And it's all over for Pakistan! Fuller and Shaheen digs it out to short-cover where Maxwell leaps to field it and hits it direct on the non-strikers' where Sarfraz was not even in the frame. Brilliance from Maxwell.

45.3 - K Richardson to S Afridi

Back of a length, rising delivery, Afridi pats it just behind square to his right, just getting a feeling of the ball

45.2 - K Richardson to S Afridi

Fullish in length and swirling away from the angle, Shaheen pokes at it but misses.

45.1 - K Richardson to S Afridi

Round the wicket, short of a length, took the pace off the ball, Shaheen taps it back to the bowler with soft hands. Why would Sarfraz take a single off the last ball of the over and bring Shaheen to strike? Very puzzling.
Runs Scored: 3
1 W 0wd 0 W 0 1
S Afridi1(2)
S Ahmed40(48)
M Starc

44.6 - M Starc to S Afridi

Inswinging yorker on the legs, Shaheen flicks it to square leg and Sarfraz goes for the run.

44.5 - M Starc to S Afridi

Right on the money, Starc doing his job! Length ball, nipping back, just got a bit of bat on it otherwise Shaheen would have been stone dead!

44.4 - M Starc to M Amir

Bowls him! Serves up a full bunger, Amir is hanging back expecting a short-pitched delivery and his both feet are inside the batting crease. Chops the low full toss back on the stumps.

44.3 - M Starc to M Amir

Missed by a whisker! Back of a length, nibbling away whizzes past the outside edge and cut him in half. Too good for Amir who has just arrived on the crease.

44.3 - M Starc to M Amir

Starts with a short one to the new man but Starc strays down the legside and it's given as a wide.

44.2 - M Starc to W Riaz

Banged in short on the nagging line, Wahab was squared up and in a tangle, Starc shrieks for a caught behind, not given by the on-field umpire. A review is taken, there is a slight deviation on the ultra edge and umpire reverses his decision! What an anticlimax! What a fighting knock by Wahab who has made this contest a nerve-jangling one and brought everyone on the edge of their seats!

44.1 - M Starc to S Ahmed

Slower delivery on middle and leg, Sarfraz who was giving himself room outside off, glides it delicately down to thirdman.