9 Things a Girl Has to Deal With When Playing Street Cricket
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9 Things a Girl Has to Deal With When Playing Street Cricket

Our women’s cricket team has been doing wonders over the years, making us ever so proud. Gone are the days when there was a question mark on the ability of women playing sports. Why should boys have all the fun! Despite the popularity in women’s cricket our society still hasn’t fully accepted a girl playing openly on the streets, this concept raises a lot of eyebrows. Those who dare to challenge the norms of the society, have to deal with the aftermath.

1. “Oi, check that girl out”

Yup, you just can not keep the onlookers away. They feel as if it’s their given right to stare at you in fascination. Let a girl play in peace. Tharak sambhal ker rakho.

2. Boys will never accept

If this girl knows how to play well, gotta give her the credit. It’s okay if she can bowl faster than you or can hit sixes. Not the end of the world, is it?

3. Dupatta issues

How can one be bothered about her dupatta while playing? She can either swing the bat or worry about her attire. Stop staring/judging, please.

4. “Who will marry you!”

The biggest concern; what would the boy and his family think of you? Is playing cricket on the streets just a boys thing? I’ll never understand.

5. Are you even a girl?

I get it, people aren’t used to seeing a girl playing in the streets every other day but that doesn’t give you the right to question her gender. Stop!

6. If you’re playing with a bunch of boys, be prepared to get scandalized

“haw haye! zaroor iska koi scene hoga” I mean do boys who play together have a scene too? #justsaying

7. The Challenger

“Oh, so you think you can play?” Every now and then you’ll come across this guy who’d want to embarrass you. He’ll challenge you to get him out, hit a boundary etc. You need not to worry, girl power ftw!

8. Aunties have a new topic to discuss

It’s not like some shameless act is being carried out. Cricket is a sport. But these aunties would not stop gossiping about you as if you’re responsible for all the evil in this world. #hawhaye

9. Parents/Siblings can’t deal with your coolness

You’ll get to hear all kinds of stuff from the family; how because of you they have to face the ‘moral’ society. Oh well, your family might never understand. Sigh