How Roston Chase Planned His Assault on Pakistan
Pakistan v West Indies 2016

How Roston Chase Planned His Assault on Pakistan

Roston Chase walked out to bat with the West Indies 4 wickets down for just 68 runs, and looking at the recent history of this West Indies side it could get much more worse. In his 6-match career, Roston Chase has already been in a similar situation and he came up tops last time around by scoring an unbeaten 137 runs which helped West Indies avoid an innings defeat and then batted time out to draw the test against India.

Kraigg Brathwaite on the other hand has a tendency to score crucial runs for his side when they need it the most, his highest score of 212 put West Indies in a dominating position against Bangladesh from which they went on to win the test match.

What West Indies needed was a partnership, Pakistan were all over them so it was crucial that Pakistan don’t run away with the advantage from this point. And a partnership is what West Indies got, West Indies added 83 runs for the 5th wicket in 156 balls.

Now let’s breakdown the partnership, Brathwaite scored 29 runs in 67 balls while Chase took the more aggressive role and scored 50 in 89 balls. Brathwaite had been there from the start and his innings of taking minimum risks and getting through the innings was one which West Indies needed, Chase on the other hand though needed to score runs as it would not be feasible for both batsmen to play an innings with minimum risks.

Chase started off slowly with 24 runs in his first 60 balls, a period which saw him face all the Pakistani bowlers except Azhar Ali.

25.3 Zulfiqar Babar to Roston Chase, 0

25.4 Zulfiqar Babar to Roston Chase, 0

This slow innings was understandable as West Indies lost early wickets and any more wickets would hurt the West Indies comeback being staged.

26.3 Muhammad Amir to Roston Chase, 0

Chase’s SR during his first 60 balls was 40, which is lower than the average number 6 batsman in Sharjah.

34.1 Wahab Riaz to Roston Chase, 1

Till now the partnership was worth 46 runs after 97 balls with runs being scored at 2.94 runs per over which was just shy of the average runs per over at this ground.

37.1 Yasir Shah to Roston Chase, 0

38.3 Muhammad Nawaz to Roston Chase, 0

41.3 Yasir Shah to Roston Chase, 0

Something had to be done to increase this, while also breaking the monotony of the runs drying down as let’s not forget despite no wickets falling for 97 balls Pakistan were still on top it was just a matter of time till the wickets came.

Chase decided to launch an assault which saw him score 26 runs in the next 29 balls he faced with a SR of 89.6, runs during this phase of the partnership came at 3.96 runs per over. This phase in the partnership got West Indies some crucial runs, while also giving them confidence which they slowly sapped of the Pakistani bowlers.

44.3 Muhammad Nawaz to Roston Chase, 4

During this attacking phase Chase had 14 scoring shots and just 15 dot balls, the dot balls were below the average required for a test match. The runs in this period showed how confident Chase was of the spinners as he committed to the back foot or front foot early during his shots.

45.2 Azhar Ali to Roston Chase, 1

47.3 Yasir Shah to Roston Chase, 6!

This partnership was the one which changed the match to some degree as it was a partnership which came against the run of play and one which gave West Indies confidence to bat on and get the lead, crucial lead in the game which could be the deciding factor in the match.